Free Circle Icon Set

Author: Elegant Themes Tags: , , License: WTFPL Download Pack

We’ve designed a cohesive set of circle icons and made them available for free. They come in 2 styles making for a total of 180 icons! DOWNLOAD the .ai .eps .pdf and .png formats on our blog!

  • juststeven

    This icon set is simply brilliant. The colours chosen are kind to the eyes and the actual icons are very good with a large selection for a variety of purposes. This isn’t a one use set. You could use it for all sorts. In a website design, in a operating system, in anything you want. Congratulations to the designer on making a beautiful set of circle icons. I’m for sure going to try them out.

  • Looks really nice! Good job!

  • Ramy Wafaa

    Great Set!
    wanted to share with you our latest project 1000 flat round icons, check it out:

  • milksheikh

    Wow, 90 icons is a whole lot of icons to make!

    Good job and I think these Icons will look great on various upcoming projects for me and others.

  • billimaster

    Those are alot of icons!

    They look quite nice!