Arrow Icons

Author: Ionut Bondoc Tags: , , License: WTFPL Download Pack

Download 3 Arrows PSD Icons for FREE.

You can use them for free in all your personal and commercial projects! Also please like or follow my work for future PSD freebies.


  • Brad

    Nice little set of icons. Would be good on a forum as new post, no new posts and locked images.

  • Rick_Ace

    Despite the fact that this is a small set, it’s still a very useful set. I would recommend horizontally flipping the icons to create a backwards button. It would be useful for some applications. The PSD is included, so the possibilities are close to endless.

  • JoshSmith100

    Thank you for these freebies! I can definitely use these arrow icons on my blog, much appreciated sir.

  • milksheikh

    I think these are nice.

    As Josh said, thanks for the freebies, I like the colors.

    I do wish there was more then 3 though.

  • billimaster

    Really cool icons!

    I do wish there was one that is pointing right 😛

  • freelance42

    Really sweet icons!

    I like the red one, it would be nice if there was one pointing left.

  • Cristian Stan