Circle Icons v2

Author: Elegant Themes Tags: , , License: WTFPL Download Pack

90 icons in two different styles all yours, for free! check the attachment for the full set and DOWNLOAD them here. The package includes vector files as well.

  • juststeven

    Another great set of free icons from Elegant Themes. Kudos to them for making a variety of different amazing icon sets. In this particular set the colours are once again pretty awesome and are a great revamp to v1. These can be used for a wide range of projects, websites and software’ to give them a very modern feel which all new projects need to succeed. They are a wonderful set and I hope to see more from Elegant Themes.

  • Jamie DÄ…browiecki

    Great set! Personally I feel they would be great for a website design but if they were all the same colour.

    • Rick_Ace

      I would kindly disagree. The selection of colors adds a bit of uniqueness to each individual piece. This is a massive set though. Thanks for providing it for free FlatIcons! 🙂

      The danger icon was something I was rummaging for in other sets, but I couldn’t find it.

  • Max Pen

    This is a duplicate entry. You already got this listed.

  • Dusan

    Really great set,they are awsome to use them on your forum,also on websites. Thanks for sharing this awsome pack.

  • billimaster


    That is a lot of icons!

    Looks great!