It’s Flat!

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Today we share a set of 48 free vector icons, created in Photoshop using vector shapes only. These icons are super easy to customize and can be scaled at any size to fit your project. Style follows the current flat trend. Enjoy!

  • Jamie Dąbrowiecki

    Going to download this pack – huge variety of icons!

  • Pauline

    Love this! I need to use more icons on my website. :)

  • Jerry Low

    This set looks really goooooood, just downloaded it. Thanks!

    By the way, this is a great site but I thought it’d be better if you can also link back to the icon sets creator’s web page (or site) so their hard work is credited. A download link is certainly not good enough. Just my humble opinion.

    • Flatuidesign

      I see a backlink to the creators website in the header area, next to the title.

  • Max Pen

    Looks great!

  • Max Pen

    They look epic!

  • billimaster

    I really like the one with the browser.

    Really amazing job!