Flat Adobe App Icons

Author: FTNtravis Tags: , , , , License: WTFPL Download Pack

Always see icons posted for applications, but no one provides the actual icons! haha so I packaged some icons of my favorite applications together.

Zip file includes .ai, .icns, & .png versions. Use them for whatever you want.

Enjoy :)

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  • juststeven

    This icon set is pristine and would fit beautifully with the file extension set of icons you made. They both compliment each other and would both look amazing as part of a design for an operating system for a computer, mobile phone or tablet. Once again the colours are welcoming to the eyes and the rounded edges make it soft instead of rough. Great icon set. Well done to FNTravis for making these.

  • Jamie DÄ…browiecki

    One of these with my initials would be awesome! *hint hint nudge nudge*

  • Dusan

    I love the colors,i love simplicity and i love how perfect this looks. I would definetly use this set in some of my designs.

    Thanks for sharing this,really beautiful set.