Flat Social Icons

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We created some custom social icons for our WordPress Themes.

The set includes 16 social icons with a black and white and colour sets.

  • Brad

    The type of icons I need for my new social media site.
    What does the cat stand for though? never seen it before.

  • Rick_Ace

    This is an interesting combination of style. This looks like it could work with flat design and metro 8. It’s really up to the end-user to suit it best for him. The black and white set is a great addition.

  • milksheikh

    Very metro looking icons, I really like it. I will be totally using these. Thanks!

  • Dusan

    Simple,clean and proffessional set of icons,really like them,and will probably use them on my feature projects. Thanks for this.

  • Giorgios

    I really like this, they’re very sleek and I just love the cool and light colors that are used. I’ll definitely make sure to use these in the future, and as milksheikh said, they’ve got the metro touch as I call it. 😉

  • billimaster

    These are some great social icons!

    I will surely be using them for my next projects.

  • freelance42

    Really nice rounded icons!

    I like the youtube and instagram one the most though.