Flat Icons Full Set

Author: Emanuel Serbanoiu Tags: , , License: WTFPL Download Pack

This is the full set of 9 icons as I promised earlier today!
Download the set. Use them in any way you want! Enjoy and don’t forget to visit my portfolio!

  • Rick_Ace

    A shirt icon, shower icon, and shoe icon? I can’t say I’ve seen these before, in any other set.I’m looking forward to checking out your portfolio. It sounds promising.

    This icon set is irreplaceable.The set contains icons that others lack.

  • milksheikh

    I like the icons, and the color.

    But i do wish there was more variation then a shower,a shirt,etc.

  • billimaster

    Simple icons, that looks quite great.

    These are some basic nice icons!

  • freelance42

    Very nice general icons!

    These can be used for a general forum,etc.