Free Flat Icons

Author: buatoom Tags: , , License: WTFPL Download Pack

rendered in different way although quite not flat its still fully free. Hope you like it

  • juststeven

    I quite like this set. Even though as you said they’re not quite fully flat, they are fully free and fully amazing. They build a bridge between flat icons and regular icons which to be honest may make it one of the best icon sets yet. I love the effects used on the computer and mobile phone icons. And the way the map icon looks 3D is divine. I really hope to see more icon sets from you buatoom.

  • Jamie DÄ…browiecki

    These look a little similar to Android icons!

  • Rick_Ace

    The background image on this set let the icons stand out. :) The color scheme used fits in perfectly.The “rainy cloud” icon is interesting. I haven’t seen anything similar. A lot of creativity was put into this set.

  • milksheikh

    I like this, I think I may use it for some of my other projects!

    I like the iPhone and PC one the most.

    Also the Camera Icon looks great!