Long Shadow Icons

Author: Michele Meggiolan Tags: , , , , License: WTFPL Download Pack

You can download zip file here: Deviantart.
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  • juststeven

    Been looking for a set like this for a while. This fits all my needs and the needs of others for a full set of attractive social icons covering a vast selection of social networks. As to the designs themselves, they look absolutely amazing. Lovely colours with the drop shadow bringing them to life. In my opinion, Michele Meggiolan has done a professional job of making these long shadow circle flat icons. Well done.

  • Jamie DÄ…browiecki

    Love the grey set at the bottom – would look great on my blog :)

  • Dusan

    Grey set is looking really awsome. Also whole set is really nice to use. Thanks for this.

  • milksheikh

    I like the icons on the below, such as paypal,facebook and instagram.

    Also like the above one since it is colorful :P.

  • freelance42

    I like the paypal and the Dribbble one!

    Really nice icons!